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Aim Through a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating academic learning and skills acquisition, the programme aims to develop:

  • an intellectual framework for living and working in tomorrow's world
  • an understanding of Europe as a cultural concept and as a business environment
  • knowledge and understanding in key areas of a selected subject
  • a range of communication, practical, intellectual and professional skills.
FrameworkThe Memorandum of Agreement with Queen’s University BelfastGovernment Policy
on Higher Education
The Liberal Arts Model
of Higher Education
Integration with Work‑Related Learning The College Corporate Plan and Subsidiary Strategies
Subject options: Business Studies,English,History,Irish,Physical Education,Religious Studies
Year 3
Optional Modules2 modules

Subject Studies, Human Development Studies (a study of identity and contemporary society; a study of educating for sustainable development) and International Studies (a study of unity and diversity in Europe; a study of Ireland, the EU and global development)
Human Development Studies2 modules

A study of ethical frameworks and marketing strategies for living and working in today's world integrated with Work Related Learning
Subject Studies2 modules

Year 2
International Studies (1)1 module

A study of various forms of European cultural expression
International Studies (2)1 module

A study of economic development and integration across the European Union
Human Development Studies1 module

A study of issues relating to conflict, reconciliation and justice
Subject Studies & Employability1 module

Integrating Communication Skills and Subject Study with Work Related Learning
Subject Studies2 modules

Year 1
International Studies1.5 modules

A study of concepts and contexts useful for exploring the interrelations of Ireland and Europe
Human Development Studies1.5 modules

A study of the individual in society and at work, using philosophical, political and economic approaches
Subject Studies &
Professional Skills1 module

Integrating Communication Skills with Subject Study
Subject Studies2 modules

Additional DimensionsCatholic Identity
The Catholic Intellectual Tradition,
Catholic Education and Catholic Social Teaching
The Writing Centre and the Employability and Placement Office support students seeking graduate employment
International Dimension
Enriching the educational, social and cultural lives of students to promote a broader and more inclusive world view.